RISIS-ETER Demo Session 11th January: Matching Research Organizations with OrgReg using OpenRefine

RISIS-ETER tool demonstration event

RISIS tool demonstration events have the goal of presenting and practicing potentially useful tools for work with RISIS and related datasets (including ETER), such as tools for name matching and geocoding. They have a strong practical character and include practical activities for participants (guided).

Matching and disambiguation of research organizations is critical for the development of STI indicators. Given the many variants found in databases such as bibliometric, patent or projects, this task is challenging and highly time-consuming. To address this issue, the RISIS project has developed a register of public research organization in Europe, which is extensively curated through the work of ETER and other RISIS project partners (OrgReg; https://www.risis2.eu/orgreg-access/). The seminar will demonstrate the usage of the OpenRefine tool for matching organizational names with OrgReg. OpenRefine (formerly Google Refine) is a free, open source desktop tool for cleaning data and RISIS has developed a reconciliation API extension. Users can upload in OpenRefine their own list of organizational names and connect via API via OrgReg in order to identify proposed matches and import OrgReg identifiers in their data. The application is particularly useful for middle-sized datasets like ETER with some hundreds or few thousands organizational names. The session will guide participants to the usage of OpenRefine and its customization options.


  • 2:00-2:05: Opening
  • 2.05-2.35: Overview of OrgReg and of OpenRefine
  • 2.35-3.15: Practical guided session
  • 3.15-3.30: Final discussion with participant