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March 13th

The relationship between academic seniority and scientific production at the organisational level.  RISIS-ETER research seminar with Pedro Pineda (presenter) and Marek Kwiek (discussant).



How to use ETER to identify similar institutions

ETER now provides a simple tool to identify a group of similar HEIs based on a few basic indicators. The classification indicators can be selected in the variables tab in the ETER database under the tab indicators.


March 2024

Registration is now open for  an additional Introductory User Training (March 6th 2024) and a training on using ETER data to compare institutions (20th March 2024).                                                                                                                                                             



Updated ETER Country Reports

ETER Country Reports describe the structure of the respective national higher education system. 27 reports have been updated with data for the period 2011-2020 and a new section on academic personnel.

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Call for Participation

We are now opening the call for participations for the 2024 series of RISIS research seminars. RISIS research seminars are meant to discuss on-going scholarly research in research and higher education in order also to prepare future publications.



A data descriptor paper on the European Tertiary Education Register, the reference dataset on European Higher Education Institutions, has been published.

41 Countries

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10 Years of data

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