EHESO User Training 19th June 2024: Using EHESO data to compare institutions

The training will focus on the usage of the data provided by the European Higher Education Sector Observatory (EHESO)  to identify institutions with similar profile as the focal one, and on which data and indicators can be used for comparing them. It will be therefore of interest for institutional managers and data analysts


  • Comparing HEIs. Users will be introduced to the main dimensions of differentiation of HEIs and to the methods and pitfalls of comparing HEIs with different characteristics.
  • Finding peer institutions. Users will be explained how to identify similar HEIs by using data from the EHESO (including legacy data from ETER and U-MULTIRANK) depending on the dimension of interest and provided with examples of how this works.
  • Benchmarking institutions. This part of the training will illustrate the current U-MULTIRANK benchmarking tool and its future integration in the EHESO.