Using ETER Data

The data available on this platform are publicly available and, accordingly, can be used to make analyses of European higher education and for descriptive and policy purposes. This includes both the data and accompanying information like flags and metadata. The ETER consortium, on behalf of the European Commission, has acquired permission from National Statistical Authorities and partner organisations to disseminate these data.

Use is permitted on the following conditions:

Reference to the ETER project has to be made as follows: “Data source: ETER project. Download date XXX”.

In scientific publications and reports, the following acknowledgment should be included: “Data have been provided by the European Tertiary Education Register (ETER), funded by the European Commission under the contracts EAC-2013-0308, EAC-2015-0280, 934533-2017 A08-CH, EAC-2021-0170 and SI2.905534 – EACEA/2023/OP/0004”.

The user is invited to provide to the ETER consortium a copy of reports and scientific publications issued from these data.

When re-use involves modifications to the data, this must be stated clearly to the end user.

While users can download the entire dataset or parts of it for analytical purposes, they are not allowed to make available the dataset (or parts of it)

The European Commission, the ETER Consortium or the original data providers assume no liability for any interpretation of the data provided, nor for uses which do not take into account any or all of the underlying methodological issues.

All statistical data, metadata, content of web pages or other dissemination tools, official publications and other documents published on this website can be reused without any payment or written license provided that the source is indicated as ETER and when re-use involves modifications to the data or text, this must be stated clearly to the end user of the information.