Data Services

The ETER expert team provides data and other inputs for supporting the production of newsletters, analytical factsheets and reports in support of evidence-based policymaking (in particular for EC services). 

After receiving a request, we will analyze it in terms of complexity and data availability and distinguish between basic, intermediate and advanced requests. We will interact within a week with the EC service to deliver the results (basic requests) or discuss options in terms of the data and analyses to be delivered  and the potential timelines (intermediate and advanced requests).

Request categories and timeliness:

  • Basic requests: One-shot simple analysis, for example, for a single table or a chart based on ETER. These requests will be handled within one weeks’ time.
  • Intermediate requests: More in-depth analyses, which can be performed within ETER data but combine different indicators and/or multiple tables charts. The envisaged response time will be one month.
  • Advanced requests: Requests which require extensive analyses, perhaps combining ETER with additional data, performing additional analysis (for example, using statistical methods) or involving national experts. Such requests will be discussed case-by-case with the EC service concerned in terms of extent, resources and timeline.

Please contact us at .

Note that we can deal only with a certain number of requests at the same time. Accordingly, please inform as early as possible on upcoming services to be provided.